Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview With Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Tees That Are Just Too Good

Rose Luardo and Crystal Kovacs model t-shirts here, and embody how Andrew would look if only he was a girl.

I was so excited when I saw artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright's most recent art project, hilarious and wearable t-shirts, replete with one of the most awesome photo shoots I've seen in a while. with fellow artists Crystal Kovacs and Rose Luardo. I am always watching how fashion and art combine and this is a great example. In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit I know Andrew personally, and have been an admirer for a long time. I used to live with his girlfriend, and during visits I would often be there to say good bye as he left. One morning as he was leaving I noticed he was wearing bright red parachute pants with a matching red t-shirt.

It was blazing hot that day, and in the sunshine the outfit turned into one of the brightest florescent reds I have ever seen. He proceeded to ride off (via bike) through one of the most notorious ghettos in Philadelphia. Most people may think riding through a ghetto completely aglow in florescent red parachute pants is a bad idea, but Andrew did not. I'm sure made it home unscathed based on his good looks alone. A few years later I saw Penelope Cruz wearing almost the same outfit. Believe me when I say it: this guy is legions ahead of his time. He's also a killer d.j. and can out dance any fool. I encourage you to check out any of his current projects if you are prepared to be delighted and amazed. I was privileged enough to get this short interview with him. Read below:

I love these t-shirts. What inspired you to create wearable art?
I've been screen printing my own t-shirts since I was in high school. My art takes form in a lot of different ways. Sometimes I make a painting that would also be interesting as something you wear. It's like having the t-shirt version of a play or band or movie you like, but the t-shirt is also an end and it's own piece of art. You don't have to know the shirt image is also a painting. I also make shirts that only work as shirts. That is usually my favorite type of t-shirt to make, one that makes sense only as a t-shirt. Like if t-shirts didn't exist the concept could not be communicated effectively.

How are they made? Do you screen them yourself? How much time does the process take (from concept to creation)?
The shirts I sell on are all designed and screen printed by me. I don't know how long it takes to create a t-shirt. I've never timed it. The amount of time does vary with each design. When I print them I usually have an intern help me to cut down on printing time.

The photos I saw on Facebook look amazing! I love how you got Rose (Luardo) and Crystal (Kovacs) to model for you (also members of 1026, right?). Would you say they both act as your muse? How does that play into the art you create?
I'm glad you you like the shirts. Crystal is a Space 1026 member and Rose is part of the friends and family contingent. Rose has been around 1026 since near the beginning. I would definitely say Crystal and Rose both act as my muse. I love the art that comes out of both of them and I love making stuff with them. Rose and I perform and make videos together as The New Dreamz ( and we host Comedy Dreamz ( together which is a comedy night in Philly that has a dance crew called Body Dreamz and Crystal dances in that crew. Crystal and I also draw and have art shows together among other things. I really enjoyed making the t-shirt photos with Rose and Crystal. Modeling is performing, it's putting on a show. Rose and Crystal look like what I would want to look like if I was a girl.
I know you do comedy as well. How is that going? What other projects are next for you, comedy or otherwise? Any upcoming events you want to plug while we're at it?
Comedy is fun. I have opened up on tour for Man Man, Sweatheart and Narwhalz of Sound. I opened for Lighting Bolt and Rose and I have opened for Fred Armisen. It is so much fun. Comedy become a part of my art output a few years back and now it is as important to me as making zines and drawing and painting. I have my first solo LA art show coming up in June at THIS LA ( The show will be titled DOWN FOR WHATEVER FOREVER. When I am out there Rose and I are going to do a mini LA comedy tour.

Where are t-shirts sold? How can my readers get their hands on them?
The best way to get them is this link: Thanks!

No--thank you Andrew! ;)

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