Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Am Love

Photo from May 2010 InStyle

Here at the society we make no bones about loving Tilda Swinton. No one does cool-eclectic better than her. That's right, I said NOBODY. As such, I just wanted to point out that our first lady of fashion will be wearing none other than Jil Sander for her upcoming film "I Am Love". Raf Simons says in the recent InStyle magazine that the wardrobe was especially designed for Tilda's character. Color and silhouette where chosen with the thought in mind that that movie takes place in the early 2000's. Mr. Simons really wanted to reflect that, and I'm interested in seeing if he succeeds. Tilda, on behalf of fashionistas everywhere I just wanted to say: we know you are love. And we love you too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going Native

Typical Nez Perce, 1910

Tsawatenok Girl, 1914

Nez Perce Baby, 1900

Nakoaktok Painting a Hat, 1914

Wishram Bride, 1910

I love this book I purchased by Taschen, "Native Americans". It features the photography of Edward S. Curtis. Curtis worked in the early 1900's documenting Native Americans and their respective cultures north of the Mexican border and west from the Mississippi River. What began as simply a photo project later segued into ethnographic work. I enjoyed the photos very much and encourage any interested to get the book as there were many, many more photos in it I couldn't share.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sheer Love

Besides having love affairs with Courtney Love (see below) Kate has been stepping out as of late to promote her line at Top Shop. Here she is at the Knightsbridge store opening party, as reported on in the Daily Mail. I have been telling people when there's a little bit of a nip in the air to not be afraid of hosiery. Ladies: if Kate can do it you can too! Here's the secret: keep them sheer. That way there is coverage but it is still sexy. Well done Kate.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hands Down Beauty

From the recent article on NPR about the Grand Trunk Road in Pakistan. The caption in the article states that burgundy and gold are the traditional colors for brides there. I love how every last detail including the nail polish is thought of. Spellbinding photo, and great article that I highly recommend reading.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Up-And-Coming Designer Alert: Kelacala Q

I am so excited to have the following interview with Lara Kurtzman from Kelacala Q. I met Lara a few years ago through her former classmates from the Rhode Island School of Design. When you meet her, you just can't help but notice her easy but edgy sense of style. Her jewelry is definitely an extension of her personality: eclectic, fun, with an unequivocable sex appeal. The following is an excerpt from an interview I had with her the other day.

1. You have an unusual name for your jewelry line. How did you come to the name, and does it hold any special meaning for you?

Kelacala Q is an anagram using the first initials of my dad, mom, me, my sister, my grandparents and my cat Quincy.

2. Where do you start your design process, as in where and how do you find inspiration? And what have you felt inspired by as of late?

My process usually begins with a tiny little spark that ignites as a response to something, it could be anything, a unique material that I have on the "drawing table", a outfit that I put on that is missing a key element, or a shopping trip where I find an incredible piece that I'll spend weeks playing around with.

Lately I've been inspired by McQueen's final collection. His last show was so ground-breakingly futuristic that I became obsessed. I was crushed when he took his own life.

3. Where can my readers find your jewelry? Where is it sold?

Right now you can find our lines in Manhattan at Sucre and Ibiza and on Long Island we're at DeNatale and Tauk. We're also at Moda in Nashville. To see all of our collections or for weddings and custom designs, customers can visit us and shop online at

4. I just did an article on American fashion icons inspired by the Costume Institutes recent exhibition. Who is an American icon who inspires you?

A list of my inspirational icons could literally go on forever but like most of my generation, I was influenced by early Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson but for the past years I've had an obsession with Meryl Streep. It's so amazing to see someone embody and express so many human dynamics... and then there's Johnny Depp.... Oh, Johnny. Add Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Patti Smith... you get the idea: strong, sexy, independent, talented... a great description of the kind of people who wear Kelacala Q jewelry.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ooh Baby Baby...

From article on, photo Michael Ochs Archives/Stringer/Getty Images

...mamacita likes. Alot. And I have seen people re-appropriating style similar to this little bit here on the streets of New York City. So maybe we'll see more looks like this in the future.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not So Gaga For Gaga Anymore

Sorry, but this isn't fashion it's just weird. It's fine to be weird, but please, lets not confuse the two. Pic from

I love this post from Pitchfork media where Joanna Newsom totally calls out Lady Gaga for being formulaic and disinteresting as of late. She says the following "...there's not much in her music to distinguish it from other glossy, formulaic pop. She just happens to wear slightly weirder outfits than Britney Spears. But they're not THAT weird--they're mostly just skimpy. She's fully marketing her body/sexuality; she's just doing it while wearing, like, a 'fierce' telephone hair-hat." Way to call it out Joanna Newsom! I was previously a fan of Lady Gaga, but find myself so disappointed with her lately. And the same issues that Joanna has with her music I absolutely have with her fashion sense: it's formulaic. We all know she's going to be out there somewhere clad in her skivvies with some stupid accessory. Her looks don't even seem to be related to 'fashion' any longer, just some superficial look at me cry for attention that doesn't have to do with the ideas relevant to dressing in our time. What could a telephone hat possibly have to do with current ideas, or even self-expression for that matter? When did Gaga become so out of touch?

Dressed For Success

Photo from

I just saw returned from the Marina Abramovic exhibit "The Artist is Present" at the MOMA. What a eloquent, moving exhibit. I just don't think words or pictures can describe it. Imagine a room. It is gray, large, spacious, airy. Sunlight streams in on this woman, who appears at first to by sitting alone in this space. She is at once diminuative and larger than life. At first all you see is her, and the room is quiet, except for a mechanical sound pounding softly from above. She sits across someone, both appearing to be deep in comtemplation. Her dress is large, similar in shape to what I would imagine someone from medieval times would wear. It has pronunced shoulders, a high neck and heavy draping, adding to the drama of the scene. Many have reported seeing this dress in many colors. This day it is cream. It adds so much to the art work. So I wonder: what is the meaning of the color she choses to wear each day? What is the significance of the chosen silhouette? Is it meant to reference a particular period in history? And why did she choose to do this particular performance clothed rather than naked? Who created the dress for her? If anyone knows, or wants to speculate, please comment!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back Again: Vintage Shopping In NYC

Picture of Edith Machinist from

Interesting article in the NyTimes today about prospecting for vintage finds in this city--no easy task if your experience has been anything like mine. I found their choices novel and interesting, but felt like maybe they missed out on a few top-notch choices as well. Like, what about Beacon's Closet, which can only be described as a vintage emporium. It may sound stereotypical to you New Yorkers, but c'mon....where else are you going to get such fabulousity at such prices? I've bought cashmere sweaters from TSE ($20.00) and button downs from Theory ($15.00) in addition to choice vintage picks. You can't find good quality stuff for less than that anywhere. Lets give credit where credit is due. Or how 'bout the Lower East Side? I can think of 3 great shops, right off the top of my head. For shoes I always reccommend Edith Machinist on Rivington btw Ludlow and Essex. Her taste is top level and always seems to reflect what's currently on the runway. Ellen (Ludlow btw Delancey and Rivington) is also nice for high-end accessories and sweet dresses. And Narnia (Rivington St. by Clinton) is cool too, more for a girl who wants to take a trend and run with it. Go there for your next ethnic print dress--you won't be sorry. Any other ones that I missed? Put a comment! I would love more vintage suggestions.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Avi Buffalo

New Avi Buffalo video posted on Pitchfork today. I couldn't help but post some photos I took of it. You don't know how much I long to be part of this rainbow fantasy world.