Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Totally Bananas For Bush

Kate Bush that is. And she totally innovated the fruit-as-fashion trend way before Prada.

I recently watched Kate Bush's "The Line, The Cross, & The Curve" and and can't get over the prescience of Kate Bush. Those of you who aren't familiar with Kate Bush's short film it is basically an extended video in which a frustrated singer dancer is enticed by Miranda Richardson's character to wear her red shoes. The shoes then take on a life of their own, and take Kate on a wild journey. There are many fashion "yes" moments through out the video, starting below with these stills that capture the mystery of the red shoes:

Excerpt from opening song Rubberband Girl below. It's very cool and 80's, I love the work out wear on Kate and the cool band in the back. Definitely play and listen to as you read the rest of my post:

Her final scene, African Dancers amongst luscious fruit, predicates the fruit-as-fashion trend seen on Spring 2011 runways. Not bad for a video Kate later called "a load of bollocks " according to Tom Doyle's 2005 article in the Guardian. Although lo-fi, I found the video to be a weird and wonderful expression for her music and love this scene. It's admittedly a bit wacky, but the colors are sensational. The mix of the graphic fruit with African textiles make for a bold visual choice. And needless to say I love the print on her dress:

And if you think you couldn't interpret this into high fashion, Prada proves you wrong:

Kate Bush is such a genius seamlessly combines dance, music, and fashion and film into a unforgettable experience and is clearly years ahead of her time.


  1. I love Kate Bush videos and this one is definitely one of the more hilarious. I didn't see the African dancers and fruit bit and I really wish I had...

  2. I'm a huge Kate Bush fan. I remember seeing this on YouTube once and curiously enough I have recently obtained a copy of The Red Shoes, which I know was a major inspiration behind the album and by extension this short film. I've been thinking about doing some sort of piece about both once I get around to seeing The Red Shoes.