Saturday, February 12, 2011

Belly Dancing at Honey Exhibition Opening

Even the belly dancer is into pink

At the Honey Exhibition opening at Liloeve gallery on Grand Street this weekend and saw some amazing works. The gallery was small and intimate, and tinged with an air of exotica. Candles burned and orchid displays perched in the corners gave the gallery an almost jungley sorta vibe. The exhibit included well curated work from some of my favorite designers (including Lara Kurtzman and Skye Phaebl) as well as other fine artists. As I am a fan when all the arts combine I was especially excited to see this belly dancer there. It was an unexpected surprise, and the way she managed to writhe, contort, and shake her body in time to the music was a splendid sight. I especially loved the crescendo at the end with candles on her head (lower picture). And what color did she choose to wear? Why, pink of course!

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